This information website is concerned with the issue of Female Domination, of Lifestyle and Professional Dominant Women and Mistresses controlling and dominating submissive men, women and transsexuals.
It includes descriptions of: Adoration, Anal Play, Arse Kissing, Arse Licking, Ball Crushing, Ball Grabbing, Ball Kicking, Bare Foot Fetish, Bastinado, Bastonade, Biting, Blindfolds, Boats, Bondage, Bondage Tape, Boot Fetish, Boot Worship, Boot Licking, Boot Kissing, Fantasy Fetish Breath Control Role-Play, Brown Paper Fetish, Burlesque, Cages and Caging, Canes and Caning, Catheterisation, Cat suits, Catsuits, Cigarette Play, Cock and Ball Bondage, Cock and Ball Electrics, Cock and Ball Needles and Piercing, Cock and Ball Torture, CBT, Cock and Ball Whipping, Chastity Play, Chains, Clamps and Clamping, Cling Film, Corporal Punishment, CP, Corsetry, Cruel Mistresses, Cuffs, Fantasy Fetish Cutting Role-Play, Degradation, Domination in a Domestic Setting, Domestic Domination, Dungeons and Dungeon Play, Education and Educational Videos, Electrics, Electrics Play, Electrics Role-Play, Electric Cockboard, Erotic Mistresses, Extreme Play, Face Sitting, Face Slapping, Fantasy Play, Fantasies, Fear Play, Feather Fetishes, the FemDom Mansion, the Boys of the Femdom Mansion, FemDom, Female Domination, Feminisation, Fetish Fashion, Fingernails and Long Fingernails, Food Play, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Foot Licking, Foot Kissing, Foot Whipping, Foot Beating, Forced Masturbation, Free Spirit, Gags, Gas Masks, Glove Fetishes, Gloves, Hair Pulling, Hand Spanking, Hat Fetishes, Hats, Hoods, Household Characters, Human Ashtray, Human Furniture, Humblers, Humiliation, Fantasy Humiliation,
Physical and Verbal Humiliation, Mental Humiliation, Severe Humiliation, Mild and Fun Humiliation, Imprisonment, Interrogation, Jeans and Denim Fetish, Kicking, Klismophilia, Klismaphilia, Enema Play, Douche Play, Enemas, Knife Play, Latex, Latex Gloves, Latex Clothes, Latex Corsets, Latex Catsuits, Latex Masks and Hoods, Latex Maids, Latex Nurse Fetishes, Latex Nurses, Latex Bed Sheets, Latex Bondage, Latex Body Bags, Latex Vacuum Bed, Latex Surgeon, Latex Bags, Latex Boots, Leather, Leather Clothes, Leather Mistress, Leather Hats, Leather Bondage, Leather Straps, Leather Gloves, Leather Shoes, Leather Boots, Leather Masks, Leather Belts, Leather Hoods, Lingerie, ‘Live’ Footage, Long Hair, Long Hair Fetishes, Loving Domination, Maid Training, Maids, Sissy Maids, Sissy Maid Training, Make-up, Manhandling, Masks, Mask Fetishes, Massage, Medical, Medical Fetishes, Fantasy Fetish Medical Procedures, Military Fetishes, Military Clothes, Military Uniforms, Military Hats, Military Boots, Military Fantasies, Mind Play, Mirrors and Mirror Fetishes, Mummification, Needle Play and Piercing, Nipple Torture, NT, Nipple Play, Nipple Fetishes, Nipple Whipping, Nurses, Nurse Play, Nurse Fetishes, Naughty Nurses, Nurse Role-Play, Nurse Fantasies, Outdoor Play, Orgasm Control, Paddles, Paddling, Pain, Pegs, Peg Torture, Piercing, Pin Wheels, Psychodrama, Pubescent Training, Punching, Human Punch Bag, PVC, PVC Gloves, PVC Clothes, PVC Corsets, PVC Catsuits, PVC Masks and Hoods,

PVC Nurse Fetishes, PVC Nurses, PVC Bed Sheets, PVC Bondage, PVC Surgeon, PVC Bags, PVC Boots, the Rack, Racks, Rebreathing, Re-breathing, Riding Crops and Cropping, Riding Mistress, Jodhpurs, Riding Mistress Uniforms, Role-Play, Fetish Role-Play, Fantasy Role-Play, Rubber, Rubber Gloves, Rubber Clothes, Rubber Corsets, Rubber Catsuits, Rubber Masks and Hoods, Rubber Maids, Rubber Nurse Fetishes, Rubber Nurses, Rubber Bed Sheets, Rubber Bondage, Rubber Body Bags, Rubber Vacuum Bed, Rubber Surgeon, Rubber Bags, Rubber Boots, School Role-Play, Adult School Rooms, Adult School Boys, Scrotal Inflation, Sensory Depravation, Sensual Mistresses, Servitude, Severe Mistresses, Shackles, Shoe Fetish, Shoe Worship, Shoe Kissing, Shoe Licking, Skirts, Skirt Fetishes, Sounds, Dittel Sounds, van Buren Sounds, Rosebud Sounds, Vibrating Sounds, Electric Sounds, Sound Play, Smoke Play, Smoking, Smoking Fetish, Spitting, Straps and Strapping, Stockings, Stocking Fetish, Stocking Licking, Stocking Kissing, Stocking Worship, Street Clothes, Street Clothes Fetish, Suction Cups and Cupping, Sunglasses, Sunglasses Fetish, Suspension, Five Point Suspension, Suspension Room, Suspension Dungeon, Free Suspension, Ankle Suspension, Talking to Camera, Tawses, Teacher Fetish, Fantasy Teacher Role-Play, Thrones, Tie and Tease, Tie Tease and Denial, Tied ‘n’ Teased, T ‘n’ T, Tights, Tights Fetish, Tights Licking, Tights Kissing, Tights Worship, Pantyhose, Pantyhose Fetish, Pantyhose Licking, Pantyhose Kissing, Pantyhose Worship, Torture, Fantasy Torture, TV, Transvestites, Transvestitism, Cross Dressing, CD, TV/CD, Tutu Fetishes, Uniforms, Uniforms Fetish, Uniforms Role-Play, Uniforms CP, Urethra Play, Urethra Stretching, Violet Wand, Violet Wand Electrics, Wanking Machines, Milking Machines, Milking, Watersports, WS, Wax, Wax Play, Waxing, Whips, Whipping, Whipping Bench, Worship, Wrestling and other Fetishes of most kinds.

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